Management Team

Markus Venzin
Markus Venzin is an expert on growth strategies with a focus on innovation and corporate entrepreneurship. He has supported CEOs and senior executives from a variety of industries to design and execute corporate as well as business strategy. Born and raised in Switzerland, but living for over 20 years in Italy, Markus combines the structure and process competence needed to manage complex business development programs with the creativity and flexibility needed to create new ideas. Markus Venzin is Professor of Global Strategy at Università Bocconi and Dean of Innovation. In his long experience as management consultant, speaker and entrepreneur, Markus has learned to apply research results to business issues.
Giovanni Berti
Giovanni Berti is an entrepreneur, a consultant and a fellow in strategy and entrepreneurship at SDA Bocconi School of Management. After graduating from Bocconi University with a master of science in management, he started his carrier in management consulting specializing in extraordinary operations. Here his work was focused in strategic planning and supporting client’s M&A activities. After 3 years in consulting, he joint his family business, a leading company in the wine industry as business developer. In 2015, Giovanni attended the Master in Business Administration of SDA Bocconi. After the MBA, he joined the Claudio Demattè Research Division of SDA Bocconi and dedicate his research activity to strategic innovation. Giovanni’s experience as a consultant gave him the ability to understand needs and structure problems. His experience as an entrepreneur made him pragmatic and solution oriented.
Roberto Candela
Roberto Candela (1970) received the Doctor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Palermo, Italy, in 1996. Since 1996 he’s been working in the Research Group of Electrotechnics. He has successfully finished his Phd in Electrical Engineering at the same University. Since December 2004 he is a researcher at University of Palermo where teaches Basic Electrical Engineering and Electrotechnics and Foundations of Informatics. His main research interest is in the field of optimization methods for diagnosis in dielectrics material for high voltage application and development of technologies for the signals treatment and diagnosis of insulating system through partial discharges measurements. In 2006 he develops and patents a new sensor for measuring partial discharges in wireless mode that is on the base of Pry-Cam product range. Starting from 2012 he is CEO of Prysmian Electronics, a company of Prysmian group, responsible worldwide for energy asset management systems.

Innovation Catalysts

Emilia Konert
Emilia is a physicist with a background in nuclear research, and has worked since 2017 in the global cable industry for Prysmian Group. She has studied and worked internationally in the USA, Germany, India, and Italy. Emilia enjoys using her technical training as a scientist in combination with her varied international experience to approach complex interdisciplinary problems.
Ahmet Eren Demirel
Eren received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Mechatronics Engineering from Sabanci University, Turkey in 2013 and 2015. During his M.Sc. he studied modeling, control and simulation of unmanned aerial vehicles. In 2015 he started to work at Prysmian Group and held several positions in Prysmian’s Turkey and France offices with a focus on research and product development.
Siim Nopri
Siim is a power engineer with a history of working in research and product development. Originally from Estonia, he has worked in R&D on both coasts of the USA, first exposing him to the radical innovation culture of Silicon Valley, as well as incremental product development later on in the more traditional cable industry, situated near Boston.
Giacomo Colombo Serri
Giacomo is a management engineer with a broad skillset. Since 2015 he has gathered experience in multiple functions such as R&D, operations, controlling and sales, focusing on both construction and cable industries. In HILTI Group he developed technical services with the lean method, while in Prysmian Group he covered a managerial role in controlling, combining deep financial analysis with team management. Constantly looking for improvement, Giacomo enjoys putting together his entrepreneurial drive and analytical approach. He has gained international studying and professional experience in Brazil, Sweden, Liechtenstein and France.
Vincenzo Marino
Vincenzo combines rigorous methodology and entrepreneurial spirit to deliver pragmatic and innovative results. As a student, he joined Bocconi’s junior enterprise (JEME) serving as head of sales and vice-president, leading it to be the most entrepreneurial Junior enterprise in Europe in 2015. After graduating, he joined SDA Bocconi School of Management as research fellow in the operations and technology management group researching on service operations, servitization, customer experience engineering and industry 4.0. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in business administration and a MSc in economics and management of innovation and technology from Bocconi University.
Daniela Runchi
Daniela brings to the table an internationally-oriented entrepreneurial mindset, backed by strategic thinking and stakeholders management skills developed working both in Italy and abroad. Before joining Corporate Hangar, she was a strategy consultant with experience in industrial sectors, working with leading players in Europe. In 2016, she was President of the European Confederation of Junior Enterprises in Brussels, working with the European Commission and Parliament to spread entrepreneurial education. Daniela holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Economic and Social Sciences at Bocconi University, where she led Bocconi’s Junior Enterprise (JEME).
Giacomo Marchesini
Giacomo after graduating from Bocconi University in economics with specialization in management of innovation and technologies, worked as consultant in EY in various areas of risk management, such as business process analysis, business plan sensitivity, post-merger integration, corporate governance and control system, corporate fraud investigation and prevention. In 2016, he joined the Strategic Management department at the Claudio Demattè Research Division of SDA Bocconi, supporting various multinational firms in innovation processes and organizational models assessment, competitive intelligence and innovative ideas development. Giacomo is currently a PhD candidate at IESE Business School doing research on the connections among strategy, innovation and decision-making.
Zahamara Vallejo
Zahamara brings over 10 years of experience in international companies effectively supporting C-level and high-profile executives in a variety of industries including Finance and Energy. Zahamara blends business understanding and administrative duties with hands-on knowledge in customer service and operations support. She is reputable for developing, implementing, and communicating policies and objectives, handling unforeseen issues, and serving as a liaison to clients, internal staff, and external contacts.