Our start-ups

The IoT-based virtual assistant for cable drums management
Developed in a collaboration between Prysmian Group, Prysmian's Digital Innovation Lab and Corporate Hangar, Alesea provides a full inventory management service, whilst helping to reduce the total cost of cable management through better asset use and greater operating efficiency.
Alesea allows customers to optimise logistics, minimise cable waste and scrap, and reduce their environmental impact.
The solution consists of a smart device installed on cable drums, a cloud infrastructure for data storage and processing, and an intuitive web platform. The device is installed during manufacturing, so no intervention is required in the field.
After an extensive testing phase with over 1000 pieces, Alesea is already being commercialized in Europe and in the US.

A digital marketplace that enables circular economy for the cable industry
Kablee is an e-commerce platform to be used by Prysmian as a smart strategic tool to sell Short Lengths and Slow-Moving products.
Kablee answers the need of clients for a faster and easier purchase.
We developed this platform to help traditional manufacturers explore e-commerce and access their increasingly digital customer base in a low-risk and low-cost way. Kablee makes the cable purchase experience simple and efficient for both customers and cable manufacturers.
Kablee is currently operating in North America and Italy.

Grow, distribute and consume food in a sustainable way, combining the technology and efficiency of vertical farming
Cultifutura combines product development with a lab for innovation initiatives that make companies more sustainable; an academy to provide firms and communities with workshops, classes, and events that promote sustainability and health; and development of urban farming solutions.
CultEvo is Cultifutura’s first product: a hydroponic vegetable/herb growing system, where individuals living or working in a community can rent out their own block. Supported by a social platform, CultEvo allows users to share, trade, and create a community. CultEvo makes hydroponics financially accessible and allows companies to provide a unique benefit to their employees.
CultEvo uses advanced vertical farming technology to grow several kinds of plants – up to 24 per user area. It is completely autonomous, only requiring user intervention when it’s time to plant seeds.

RevIoT is a solution to digitize and monitor fixed and moving assets, composed of an IoT device, a mobile application and a web portal.
The device monitors GPS location, temperature, humidity, shock, and movement, and can be linked to ERP data to provide insights linked to the assets themselves.
RevIoT addresses 4 verticals:
  • IoBox: IoBox monitors shipping boxes for high-value assets. Here the goal of the solutions is to track boxes' location to enable better asset management; monitor the condition of the boxes during transport and storage; prevent scrap due to passed expiration date; and avoid/limit claims due to damages. IoBox is linked to the ERP to match the device's information with data about the products, their expiration, shipping address, etc.
  • IoCabinet: IoCabinet monitors telecom and energy street cabinets. The goal of the solution is to detect unauthorized access and/or openings, for instance due to vandalism or accidents; monitor the assets' conditions (temperature, humidity, presence of water); track and optimize maintenance interventions; and enable preventive maintenance. IoCabinet has been piloted in Italy and is looking for further applications.
  • IoTower: IoTower monitors telecom towers and their shelters combining the RevIoT device with electrical monitoring. It allows to monitor the access to the shelter; the shelter conditions (temperature, humidity); enabling preventive maintenance and having proof of maintenance; monitor how many antennae are connected to the tower and their consumptions; monitor power quality, outages and ground connection for safety & warranties.
  • IoContainer: IoContainer is a solution designed to ease the management of installation containers for large cabling projects. It allows to localize the containers; monitor how much time they spend in the field vs. in storage; digitalize the checklists to verify that all needed materials are inside the container; and digitalize the requests for additional or new consumables; share and retrieve useful documents in the field.

Collecting data about all resources’ consumption to help our client become more efficient and sustainable.
E-wawe is a turn-key solution for players that want to improve the management of resources' monitoring. It monitors network status, analyzes the consumption patterns, and suggests efficiency measures.
Also, it is a retrofittable and can be installed easily in any existing facility.

Solution components:
  • Iot Devices: installing smart solutions to digitalize info about all resources utilization.
  • Web platform: Analyzing data and providing analytics and asset management functionalities.
  • Reports: providing all relevant KPIs' to improve the consumption paths and reduce waste