We provide the infrastructure
that accelerates your

About us

Our mission

We provide the infrastructure to accelerate innovation.

Our model

We facilitate corporate entrepreneurship by creating strategic innovation along four phases.

Our services

We offer several plug in modules to enhance the innovation capabilities of large corporations.

Who we are


We are a cross-functional team which complements technical and business skills to develop innovative ideas.


We work in a unique way: collect ideas, create business plans and pilot projects, accelerate ideas, and create a positive impact on our clients.

Engagement principles

We strive to maintain a pragmatic approach to innovation.

What we do

Corporate Hangar was born in 2017 to create a new type of innovation pipeline with our first client and partner, Prysmian Group.
Corporate Hangar is embracing the philosophy of open innovation, allowing us to increase the speed and scope of our projects. Clients get the possibility to access business and technical skills inhouse and through our innovation ecosystem, remaining always in control of their intellectual property and business results through simple corporate governance agreements.
As a venture builder, Corporate Hangar identifies and develops innovative ideas into start-ups and new businesses. Most of the startups are managed by Corporate Hangar for up to 5 years before they are introduced to the clients’ operations – a process that is governed by call options to obtain control anytime at nominal cost of shares.

Our start-ups


A virtual assistant for cable drum management.

Alesea provides a full inventory management, and helps reducing the total cost of cable management through better asset use, greater operating efficiency, optimised logistic, minimised cable waste and scrap and reduction of environmental impact.


An e-commerce platform for cables.

Making the cable purchase experience simple and efficient for both customers and cable manufacturers.


A Vertical farming solution & more..

We unite people through the passion of growing your own food and making the world more sustainable. Our products change the way people interact with and understand their food by integrating vertical farming into daily life.

We aim to impact the culture of any workspace or residence by bringing people closer to nature.


RevIoT is a solution to digitize and monitor fixed and moving assets, composed of an IoT device, a mobile application and a web portal. The device monitors GPS location, temperature, humidity, shock, and movement, and can be linked to ERP data to provide insights linked to the assets themselves.


Collecting data about all resources’ consumption to help our client become more efficient and sustainable.

E-wawe is a turn-key solution for players that want to improve the management of resources' monitoring. It monitors network status, analyzes the consumption patterns, and suggests efficiency measures. Also, it is a retrofittable and can be installed easily in any existing facility.