Prysmian Group has created Corporate Hangar as a minority shareholder with the intention to complement its innovation capability.
Our unique collaboration model allows us to identify promising ideas, develop them, test them with clients, and industrialize them.
Corporate Hangar embraces the philosophy of open innovation allowing us to increase the speed and scope of innovation. We  therefore complement Prysmian Group projects with boundary spanning activities with other firms that attempt to innovate. 

We provide infrastructure for invention and accelerate innovation in partnership with large firms.

Corporate Hangar is an external accelerator with the goal of supporting innovation in a structural way.


Innovation already happens in many places – we are complementing and supporting existing initiatives. We are not in competition.
Dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations.
Focusing on using existing technologies to satisfy existing or latent client needs.
The time horizon for commercializing innovation is approximately 2-4 years.
Having an intimate knowledge of our clients organization allows us to engage the right people in innovation projects.