A selection of projects

IoT For Asset Management
Alesea is your virtual assistant for cable inventory management. It turns the cable drum from a simple package into an intelligent asset that helps you to improve your operational efficiency.
Our role
  • Product development coordination.
  • Value proposition definition.
  • Commercial pipeline development.
  • Company creation.

E-commerce platform
Kablee provides seamless product purchase transactions for both customers and manufacturers. We make finding the right product is simple and quick, sourcing from top quality manufacturers and ensuring a reliable and fast delivery time.
Our value proposition
We developed a platform that helps traditional manufacturers explore e-commerce and access their increasingly digital customer base in a low-risk and low-cost way.

Environment - Nutrition - Architecture
Combining the technology and efficiency of vertical farming to grow, distribute and consume food in a sustainable way. We propose to create a self-contained hydroponic farming ecosystem for the purpose of providing fresh, high-quality vegetables and herbs to supermarket customers and employees of (large) corporations.
From concept to development
  • Concept development.
  • Value proposition definition.
  • Prototype development.
  • Go to market strategy definition.

Your ideas can shape the future
The contest is a call for ideas to empower the company’s and the employee’s innovation potential, boost engagement, and scout for new opportunities. The employees are encouraged to submit their innovative ideas and solutions on specific topics selected by the management based on their customer interactions and good understanding of customer needs.

Corporate Hangar is a fly-in zone for new ideas, where innovative projects can find a fertile ground to thrive.
Our role
  • Set-up and coordination.
  • Provide business assessment of the ideas.
  • Coordinate a technical panel with Client’s support for the definition of the contest’s categories.
  • Coordinate the technical assessment of the ideas with client’s support.