About us

Our Mission

We provide the infrastructure that accelerates innovation
Corporate Hangar was born in 2017 to address externally the issue of innovation in Prysmian Group.
Corporate Hangar embraces the philosophy of open innovation allowing us to increase the speed and scope of innovation. The core of innovation is creating results by doing new things. Innovation is about action – not only thinking about challenges but acting on them in a different way. Innovation is not necessarily about introducing a groundbreaking idea to the whole world, but instead about introducing a new idea to your team, unit, or region. Ultimately, innovation should make a measurable difference, and create value that aligns with the strategic goals.

Corporate Hangar complements existing initiatives for open innovation.

Our model

Innovation strategy

Support customers in defining their sandbox for innovation.

Fly-in zone

Our model allows us to identify promising ideas, we define business models and create MVP's innovation.


Create and manage start-ups up to consolidation.


Support innovative projects in large organization.

Our services

Business intelligence

Scan for new technologies and business models. to provide better understanding of market evolution.

Customer radar

To support client in identifying at early stage technologies with high disruption potential and better direct investment, R&D and resources allocation.

Talent development

Integrate your talents into innovation projects and thereby create a talent pool with a different set of skills.

Labs and workshops

Providing customer centric workshops, labs and events that promote open innovation. Through our network we connect organizations to create new businesses.

Business acceleration

Implementation of innovation (open innovation, investments or partnerships involving start-ups, etc.), and coordination of necessary internal resources and capabilities.